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U3A BROMLEY is a self-help organisation, which is one of over 700 independent U3As forming the Third Age Trust in the UK. It is a non profit-making Registered Charity which started in 1990 and offers all older people a variety of opportunities to use their knowledge, skills and experience and to acquire new ones in an informal, friendly atmosphere.

Bromley has more than 1600 members and many different study groups. These study groups are organised by the members for the members - each member making a contribution in keeping with their particular skills, abilities and knowledge.

Each local U3A is autonomous.  Bromley arranges its own programme of study and recreational courses, visits, talks, travel, at home and abroad, social events and other activities.


For General Enquiries email: Bromley U3A

Who can join?

Anyone retired from full time employment and resident in the borough of Bromley, or adjoining area, may apply.